Evalos Packs

semi-literate realistic wolf roleplay

Alpha Raikonen

Raikonen is a decent-sized wolf of considerable build. Although smaller and slighter than his father (and despite how he is most likely going to remain that way), Raiko isn't anything to scoff at, his confidence in his physique highlighted by the certainty with which he will approach sparring.  While he is a wolf who values brains over brawn, Raikonen sees great advantage in remaining fit and strong, and most certainly lithe. Always concerned with remaining presentable, Raiko is certain to manage his thick, charcoal fur, blending into a dark russet at his ears, along his back, legs and tail. Most startling however are his eyes; they are a vivid yellow, and mirror his father's almost exactly in their calculating determination. Aside from this, Raikonen has no other obvious bodily features or flaws of which to mention, and so he presents himself as a strong and able wolf, always on the alert. 

Alpha Female


Beta Equinox

Equinox is slightly smaller in height and length than his brother, but not by much, simply due to their genetic similarities. He is, however, very much lighter in weight than Stain. He's definitely on the skinny side, but he is by no means weak. He simply prefers to stay lean and strong, as opposed to thick, like Stain. His fur is a smooth blend of tans and blacks, as his father's is. His eyes, on the other hand, are the deepest, clearest pale blue, the kind of trusting eyes one could lose themselves in. These he inherited from his grandmother, who possessed many of the same personality traits as he does. What his brother lacks in social skills, Equinox makes up for tenfold. He has a sort of natural charm that attracts other wolves without them even noticing. Unlike his brother, Nox, as he's sometimes called, has high hopes for finding a mate someday. Some of his most important qualities are his perseverance and his ambition, both of which he has possessed since birth. His Alpha in Drachma was considering appointing him as an Alpha's Apprentice before he left the pack. With some training, he could be a powerful, wise, and caring leader. Like his brother, he has a keen sense of knowing when hope is near. Stain and Equinox have been on the move for around a year. Their original pack, Drachma, was kind and loving, and their parents and packmates were wonderful, but neither felt like they truly belonged there. They departed from the pack, leaving behind parents, siblings, crushes, and friends in search of a more exciting lifestyle. Every time they come across a pack accepting members, they investigate, but none have sparked their interest so far. Equinox generally fits in better everywhere than Stain, so it's usually up to his elder brother and his picking and choosing whether they stay somewhere or not. Nox is confident that their journey ends here, in the lands of Evalos.

Beta Aspen

Aspen is slightly larger than your average she-wolf, giving her an edge in a fight or spar as a female pack member though it does give others the impression that she is a male at a distance. Despite her size, Aspen is an attractive wolf with pale yellow eyes and and a rich multi colored coat. Growing up with the pack's Beta's as her mother and father, she and her two brothers were under strict rule. Aspen and her older brother Jared listened well to their parents and were loved by all the pack, but her younger brother Santos was rowdy and brought trouble to the pack often. At nearly 8 months, Santos fell into the river that ran through the packs lands and had been taken over the water fall. He had thought to have drowned since his body never resurfaced. From that day forward, her already strict parents had become unbearable. Jared left the pack when he was of age, but Aspen could not find it in her to leave. She obeyed without questioning anything her parents and alpha told her or asked of her which lead her to become Beta of the pack after her mother fell ill and turned to being a nursery wolf. She knows that the pack is to the wolf and the wolf is to the pack. Due to her need to obey and sort of superior attitude that came with being a higher ranked wolf, Aspen has a constant wall up to mask her emotions making her seemingly unapproachable but Aspen is in fact a very friendly wolf.


Shaman Aisling

Aisling is most definietly humble, and often lurks in the corners of places. But, do not think of her as weak. It would be the last thought bad thought you'd have about her, if expressed. You'd be in deeper if she didn't hear it directly from you. Tread lightly when by her, for her senses are always turned to the extreme. If it weren't for her gruesome past, she might've turned out better. Maybe.

If not patrolling, sending messages, or warding off unwanted rouges, she might actually have time to be social. Yet, she keeps to herself, but fights fiercely for those loyal to her. To find her calm would be a miracle, but her ashen cinnamon fur stands on end for long periods at a time. Amber eyes will most likely meet your's if you /dare/ step foot where you shouldn't.



Elite Warrior


Warrior Stain (planning to leave evalos)

Stain is a massive wolf with a mostly black pelt. He has a bit of premature gray fur around his muzzle and forelegs due to stress and travel, but in his youth he was pitch black. His ears are larger than some, enhancing his hearing quite a bit. His eyes are an odd grayish hue, but are full of expression. His legs are long and powerful, like the rest of his body. He's not too stocky, but is not lean either. Rather, he's a balance between the two, which makes him a daunting opponent during a fight. He typically utilizes his strength over his speed, which is slightly lacking. Stain is wise for his four years. He's a rock in a storm, not swayed very easily by anything. This quality makes him dependable and loyal, a wolf that can be trusted through the darkest of times. Despite his typical serious manner, he can, in the right setting, also be humorous and engaging. Stain can tell when hope is near. He and Equinox both have many stories to tell from their journey together. Stain is socially awkward most of the time, and doesn't do well in large groups of wolves. Due to this, he doesn't anticipate having a mate any time soon. The only thing that ever makes him lose his composure is Equinox, who can be quite a pain in the tail. Stain and Equinox have been on the move for around a year. Their original pack, Drachma, was kind and loving, and their parents and packmates were wonderful, but neither felt like they truly belonged there. They departed from the pack, leaving behind parents, siblings, crushes, and friends in search of a more exciting lifestyle. Every time they come across a pack accepting members, they investigate, but none have sparked their interest so far. He can't speak for his brother, but Stain is feeling optimistic about this pack as their journey ends here.

Warrior Wildriver

A beautiful white wolf, Wildriver stuns everyone who lays eyes on her. She is average in size but appears bigger because of her fluffy fur. She has had a hard life but pulled through, with a sparkly personality and a strong belief that hope is always near. She longs for a safe place where she can honestly say that her journey has ended. She is playful and happy. She is not used to having to be submissive as she is used to being her own boss. She is good in a fight, as every rogue who ever approached her in the hope of stealing her food will tell you, showing their scars. Abandoned at just 6 months of age, Wildriver has had to fight for survival. It hasn't been easy but she did it.

Warrior Zoran

Curious and adventurous, Zoran left his cozy little pack to break out on his own. The rogue life wasn't his calling card, but it certainly had its perks and several life lessons were quickly thrown into the young males face. He had been in few too many tussles with older, stronger males, but with each scratch and bark, Zoran only added to his knowledge of fighting. Like his pop said, "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." Words to live by. Words he would take to his grave. Zoran was not a wolf to live for the fight, but he did take pride in his brute strength and large stature. Not only a fighter, but also, a lover. Zoran is quiet the flirt, which often leads him straight into trouble. Bright brown eyes adorning his handsome muzzle, eyes he gained from his mother, and rust colored fur, mingling with that of a soft beige, Zoran was definitely easy on the eyes. He could easily make any female fall for him but his mouth and lack of commitment for a life time mate tend to drive them in the opposite direction. He longs for a mate to call his own, but will wait it out til he meets the perfect she wolf.

Warrior Resa

Soft brown eyes surrounded by a slim framed face, and dark fur are only a few things that most wolves depict when describing Resa. The softly colored wolf could be described as great camouflage for the right seasons. She is a smaller wolf, having gotten a slimmer build from her mother. Her father was slim and small just as her mother had been, and she was in between both of their sizes. Resa stands just short of an average wolf, but she is a little longer than most. As a young pup, Resa was always out going, always wanting to learn and push her abilities. However, negative responses to her out going side masked her once joyous outbursts. Growing up, Resa was more introverted and quiet often seeking comfort in the darkness and confiding into the often lonely hunts she went on. Discovering that her lonliness often pushed her away from friendly conversations she decided to move on with her life. She found herself upon a hardship of finally being alone, but after many months of learning how to cope on her own she pushed forward becoming stronger. She had been a loner for over a year, coming upon loner year after year but only finding unsuccessful ways of regrouping into a pack. It was then that she came to the lands of Evalos, and her hope was restored. Being alone for so long had made her become slightly anti-social, but that didn't mean she was to forget her past with packs. Now her hopes have risen towards becoming apart of a strong pack, and to perhaps even one day have a family.

Warrior Aatrox

Aatrox holds a high regard for personal honor and believes that strength is key in determining one’s worth. Those who have met him in battle know of his ferocious attacks and his ingenious strategies, making him a vicious opponent to face and a notable ally to have. His upbringing has molded him into a genuine soldier that is perhaps a little too enthusiastic about war. He is confident in his ability to hold his own in a skirmish, because of his large, imposing stature and his iron-strong will. He has proof of this, in the scars long since covered by his pelt, a smooth, thick blend of faded charcoal. His ashen face mask is the only indication left of his combat-hardened past, marks of war etched permanently into his muzzle. Aatrox feels no need to be in the spotlight by any means, but holds a deep contempt for those that make the fatal mistake of underestimating him. His quiet respect for his superiors can be evident in his unwavering amber gaze… As long as they choose to give him the respect he deserves.

Warrior Alleiah

Alleiah is a gorgeous, slender wolf, coloured with an assortment of ravishing brown hues. Her long fur and off-white undercoat bode well within the snowy environment. Bright hazel pools adorn her visage, and her philosophy demands loyalty above all. Alleiah is both intellectually inclined, and exceedingly agile. Her swift movements compensate for her petite figure, and she is optimistic that hope is near. She is not usually too social, but will reply when spoken to. Her kind demeanor can very easily be exchanged for a feisty, impatient temper, and will stop at nothing to protect those she loves the most. This brown she-wolf had been bred into a distant, unknown pack, feeble and soon brought to its knees. A weakened mother had been unable to fend for her pups for long, forcing Alleiah to learn the ways of the wolf through older siblings. They soon had been subject to the candid necessity, in search of creating their own future. Dark years and memories collect over time, and a lone wolf, Alleiah's travels through the luminix mountain may or may not be the decision of her fate, in search of the infamous pack she wishes to join. Her journey ends here, facing a request that may change her life.

Warrior Syo

With his head and tail raised high, Syo sometimes doesn't recognize when he is stepping out of line. He is fiercely ambitious and holds his pride close to his heart. He sometimes has trouble with trust as he has been betrayed a few times in his life. He has strong, wide shoulders and a lithe frame with long legs to match. His yellow eyes shine in the darkest of nights and his black fur helps him blend well with his surroundings. Although he often isn't bothered by most things, inside he is a loyal, loving wolf and he holds his friends and family above all else. Only a few wolves have seen his soft side, which he isn't sometimes comfortable with. He will take orders, but mostly he enjoys giving them and will fight for what he believes in.

Warrior Elzorath

Elzorath's pelt was as dark as the night skies, one could feel as if they would get lost gazing at her beautiful coat . She has a very muscular build which fits well with her aggressive personality. Elzorath's eyes are the color of a sweet honey, golden. Do not be fooled by her beautiful eyes, however, she is as fierce as the waves of an angry sea during a storm. She is a firm believer in doing everything as normally as possible, and does not have time for weakness. 

Warrior Churu

Churu is a bright white she-wolf with yellow piercing eyes. She has a small build with delicate legs and can easily sneak up on prey. She's a good leader but does well in lower ranks too. She has respect for all those who deserve it. She's easily discouraged but never to the point where she gives up on her dreams, and forgives those who deserve a second chance. Being her friend will be easy since she's very friendly and optimistic. Her dreams are what give her the strength to move forward. Her biggest dream is to explore and meet new wolves.


Mentor Ventana

Ventana is a young and stunning female. She is placid and calm with a soft white pelt and bright amber eyes. She's smart, loyal and hardworking, and she tries her best at tasks she's given. She always believes that hope is near and looks on the brighter side of things. She's a follower and doesn't really like giving orders, so she stays away from arguments/fights when she can. She recently ran away from her own pack because of rogue males and chose to wander the snowy hills on her own. It has been a very hard winter with slim pickings yet she has managed to hunt for herself and kept herself moving closer to her soon to be new pack. With a final hard push she grows closer to the wafting smell of new wolves. She hopes her journey ends here.