Evalos Packs

semi-literate realistic wolf roleplay


A bout with insanity is never easy, especially when it’s always present. Sin is described as a canvas of dark colors. Slate gray, obsidian black, deer hide tan, and the occasional cinnamon brown make up her thick, heavy coat. Her eyes are like sharp silver bullets, piercing and sly. Her stature is big and hulking, much over the limit for wolves of her gender. Her shoulder is gimpy due to her past fight with a cougar in an attempt to create a distraction for her brother to escape. Sin is refined and proper, as hard as a diamond. Biting and sarcastic, imagining dark and psychopathic thoughts. She doesn't take care to hide biting remarks. Sin is defined by the insanity plaguing her mind and the sins she has committed. She goes to great lengths to hide her past, and her dark ailments.


This slender white fae was once known as Slyvanas, or Vanas for short. Her mother had birthed three healthy pups, two black as coal and one white as snow. The white was a hereditary gene passed down from female to female in her mother's family. It was no surprise to find the small white wriggling pup to be female. In fact it was quite nice to see, for the gene had been passed down for many centuries. Slyvanas had grown up with her two darker brothers in what she likes to think of as a peace. However, as they grew older the differences between them all was very clear. Power hungry was her younger brother, being the runt. Bloody thirsty was the middle brother, never getting any daddy's love. Then there was Vanas, the perfect one, nothing could ever go wrong. Life was clear, and the path that Vanas was heading down would lead her straight to leadership, and she would lead with her head held high. Her hope was near, but as the light barely touched her snowy white paws it was all ripped away.

The scent of copper was heavy in the air, when Vanas awoke the warmth of fluid was against her paws and muzzle. One her dark blue eyes fluttered open, the

chaos had become clear. They were all dead, all of them. All of the wolves in her pack had fallen, killed in an attack. There was no memory of what had happened, but her pelt was stained heavily with blood. The thoughts raced heavy in her mind, heavy on the fact that she had killed all these wolves. At first fear had clawed deep in her gut, but then she realized that it couldn't have just been her. As she turned around she saw her brothers standing in the shadows, their black pelts dark with blood. "You were to be dead as well, but dear sister, you have awoken. Now your death can be just as torturous as Beck had wanted it." Her younger brother spoke, glancing to her middle brother with a smile. They had been responsible for killing each and every wolf in the pack. What they had planned for her would be nothing but cruel torture. How they had ended up this way, well Vanas could never see. However, as they approached her, something inside of her that was already thin broke. It was as if something inside of her evolved and she attacked before they could reach her. All those years of constant practice had done her well, she leapt at her older brother first. His take down had been quite easy because of the surprise on his ugly face. It was then that she had gotten her first taste of blood. What ever had broken inside of her was no longer the female every wolf once knew. It was then that she turned to the runt, who had slashed at her hind legs as if they could make her get off of Beck. She was quick to kick back against him and turn around to attack. His death was even easier, and as the warm blood slipped down her chest it was then she knew she was no longer Slyvanas.

Slyvanas was no longer herself, now deciding her true name would be Banshee. It was name that soon everyone would hear and know. Whether or not the wolf feared her name would be up to them, and if any challenged on her travels she took them down. Depending on how well they fought back would be the fault of how bad their injury was. Banshee was known as the snowy goddess of pain, and despite enjoying that title she only went by Banshee. Most who heard her name felt a sudden chill, but being on her good side wasn't an impossible arrangement. Once her good side was brought up, and her loyalty swayed she was an easy wolf to work with. However, working with packs had made her life as a loner even easier. The pack life did not appeal to her as much as it once had, although at times her heart aches to be apart of a pack once more. Banshee traveled high and low, looking for an area she could call home and it was then that she stumbled upon the darkness of new territory. It was heavenly, covering her fur with shadows blending her in. Something like this would make her feel safe and comforted. Of course, packlands were always near and she always grew near but never close enough for a wandering pack wolf to catch her scent. The journey ends here. She thought as she settled into the darkness of her new home, deciding that leaving would only make her less desirable to other loners. Maybe pack wolves would find her useful, but she would have to be sociable. Becoming the loner she had slipped into was nice, and large groups of wolves made her feel insecure. Whether you are on her good side or bad, her name will leave a bitter taste in your mouth.