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semi-literate realistic wolf roleplay

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Centered in the heart of the Lethe Marsh Territory is the pack's camp.
The camp is sacred grounds to the wolves and is considered their safe zone. Any wolf daring to enter without howling for permission may be attacked.

The General Territory of Lethe Marsh is a moist and murky range of terrain. Its dark waters and sticky, thick mud make the land almost impossible to travel through. It is enough to turn the stealthiest wolf back the way it came. The Marsh wolves, on the other paw, are the land's perfect match and it would be regrettable to come across one of them if you are tresspassing.

Tuzan Pond is a stream-fed pond located in the shady depths of Lethe territory. Its waters are pristine and clear, unlike the stagnated pools that are scattered about the Marsh and wolves are drawn to it. But like the wolves that need to quench their thirst, other species can be found here too, such as boar and the Barasinga swamp deer.

Dark and mysterious, the Vesakko Copse is a shadier area of the Marsh's territory. It is highly dangerous for pups and adolescent wolves to wander here, as this is likely where lone wolves make their presence known, and even worse, the occasional black leopard. Wolves are rarely attacked by the leopards, but it doesn't mean that a pup won't make a meal.