Evalos Packs

semi-literate realistic wolf roleplay

Alpha Hades

Hades is one of the names you're glad to hear, or are terrified immensely by. He's a towering wolf with no tolerance for disrespect and will gladly put a wolf back in their place. His eyes are quite like gaping masses of gray, unlike his midnight coat. He prefers silent and strong as opposed to loud and bubbly. When his loyalty is won, though, Hades is a good ally to have around, and a fierce enemy to be afraid of. He'll stick beside his comrades in the event of an ambush, or a war. He's a bit of a loner, avoiding crowds when he gets the chance, when unaccompanied by his brethren. His beliefs are centered around Destiny and Fate. He has few mannerisms, like howling every morning and evening to set his mother's soul to rest, as well as his siblings, or to appease his goddesses. Hades, up until the time he found the Arcane Mountain pack with his brother, was a loner. Only sticking beside his own brother, beating down anyone who would try to threaten the duo. If you break open the enigma of his heart, you may find a loving wolf underneath. You'd have to be patient, as well as strong. Regardless of his muscle, when he opens his maw he offers wise words. Let them be in the form of reprimand, or to inspire someone to stray away from idiocy. He is loyal to his pack, his Alpha, and himself.

Alpha Female


Beta Ezio

Like any other wolf, Ezio had a mother and father and a couple of siblings. He grew up seeing the world with two different colored eyes and being known as the 'freak' of nature. Although his parents said that they loved him, adored him, a seed of doubt had been planted in his mind from the very beginning. When first born, his mother and father fear that he was blind because after his eyes had opened they were white. It was common for pups to have different colored eyes when young, but not white. As Ezio grew however, his eyes began to take on two different colors, making him different.

Ezio grew up isolated from his family and most of his family's pack. Instead of deciding to stay around he left, seeing as he found no real enjoyment being anywhere near his family. He became a loner for several years, hunting and finding new territories on his own. He reminded himself that hope was near. He could always feel the hope that had risen inside of him, and as he traveled he finally came upon the lands he hopes to call home. Perhaps the journey will end here.

Beta Female



Shaman Hecate

Hecate is a friendly and kind wolf, with a heart as warm as her amber eyes. She is incredibly neutral, believing that all wolves deserve a chance. Whenever she makes a friend she becomes undyingly loyal, willing to do almost anything to help out. However, if a wolf crosses her she never forgets, and will never forget what has been done. From living on her own for so long, she is an excellent hunter and very able to defend herself, even if she isn't the largest or strongest of wolves. Hecate originated from a large pack, far away. It lived in peace, each wolf working in harmony with its other pack members, until the alpha died, that is. The alpha's sons fought over who should get to rule in their father's place, both wolves having very different ideals, strengths and weaknesses. The pack became divided, with approximately half of the members on the side of each of the sons. Hecate was one of the few who tried to remain neutral, who only wanted the pack to stick together and live in harmony as it had before. For many moons she advocated for the fighting to stop, but it did not work. Devastated and defeated, she left the pack, never to return. Hecate lived as a lone wolf for a while, surviving. She became lonely from the solitude, so when she eventually scented nearby wolves she felt compelled to meet them in the hopes of joining their ranks.

Guardian Porac

Porac is a black and white wolf with a scar over his left eye. He is quite muscular in the chest and shoulder area making him perfect for battle. He is a four year old wolf. He is a lone wolf that seeks a partner in his life and looks to eventually possibly create a family.

Elite Warrior Nayda

Coming from a distant pack, Nayda never really thought she would ever have a home. The home she had..well it never treated her right. Females were the lowest of the low in the pack and many didn't like her because she had a mouth and liked to speak out among the many wrongs of the pack. It Nayda may of been one wolf but it caused a chain reaction in other wolves to stand up and push away, but fear gripped them like a tight vice when their alpha put his foot down..and put it down hard. The bloodshed...it didn't last long..but it was everywhere. Nayda was spared but..not without the scars of her memories. Nayda moved on with the fear of her old pack and with the scars of remembrance. She moved to Stygian Bog and met Soldaeth and his mate Rose and...it was amazing to live there but not everything can stay the same. And once more Nayda had to leave her home, but Stygian Bog was really what she called home. Moving on to Lethe Marsh the scent of Hades and a few other familiars.

Warrior Ares

Most words that describe Ares are brute, dark, and just what he always has been, a fighter. Ares grew up in a large family, and being in such a large family taught him many things. He had to work fast, be the strongest and be the brute of the family. Ares was the youngest of six, which unfortunately for him made him the target for many jokes. Although, his family was in good tidings there were always fights and side pickings. Ares was always the neutral one, he never chose sides. He saw it better to not choose sides at all. Ares was the quickest thinking one in his family, which made him an excellent wolf to talk to. On the downside, Ares and his family never grew up in a pack. They only socialized with themselves.  

Ares is a soft downy brown wolf, with black and white fur mixed deep into his brown fur. There is amber fur, and dark fur just all mixed into his body. There is something in Ares that is different than other wolves. He has these almost unsettling blue eyes, that makes most wolves think twice about what they are going to say. Ares is a quiet wolf, but he is a brute when it comes down to it. He is a quick and sharp wolf, and he won't be afraid to say something on his mind. Although, he is respectful towards alphas (that he has met) he has never been in a pack. Leaving his family was the first step towards going into a pack. 

Warrior Freya

Freya is a timid and quiet wolf, often thought to have the personality of a loner, however she will perk up after gaining trust of the wolves in her pack. If you are lucky enough for Freya to let her walls down, she is actually kind of charming. She is very smart and observant, her golden eyes picking up on the littlest of actions. Though fighting does not appeal to Freya, she is strong enough to hold her own when the fight is fair. Freya is very alluring with piercing golden eyes and slim feminine frame. Her fur is as black as night with a few contrasting patching of pure white on her chest and two stripes running across her scruff.

Warrior Phoebe

Phoebe is a gorgeous, slender she-wolf with soft almond eyes, a charcoal nose, and beautiful white fur that has gentle streaks of honey colored fur along her sides and ears. She is at a neutral height for a she-wolf, standing not tall but perfectly enough that she is not abnormally short. Her slick fur defines her well-built body that is skilled in running or chasing depending on the situation. Though, she is definitely built for a good hunt, her mind is wired for battle. Smart and filled with wits she finds herself skilled in planning battles, or taking part in them. Not being able to overcome larger opponents, Phoebe has taken the liking of tricking or our-witting them. Phoebe is a charming wolf, not just for her looks, but her calming and level-headed tone that is no doubt just as charming as her beauty. But Phoebe is not one to talk unless absolutely necessary. She is a quiet observer and rarely speaks, but when she does, she shares simple and short words. Phoebe is tough and knows how to stand her own, though she bows before an alpha, she will never demean herself. She will fight, and forgiveness is something she is not acquainted with. Phoebe was born to be heir, her two other siblings being dead before they took their first breath. She was raised by two good Alphas and was favored by her small pack, but as she grew Phoebe become bored of the dull duties as a pack member. And with her father breathing down her neck about the life of an Alpha, it was quite easy for Phoebe to leave her home and search for a more adventurous life as a rogue. But once again, her heart tugged towards the longing feeling of being a part of something, and so she found herself on another pack's border line.

Warrior Claudia

A horrible storm breached over the land like a crashing wave, flooding all the areas. A small group of Claudia's pack had been hunting across the river and when the storm came had had become trapped. It was a miracle they had been heard, and when Claudia and some of the pack went out to help it was then that the storm broke fully. The rain whipped around them, making it hard to see, and the only thing between the crashing swollen river was a sturdy old log and home. Claudia made sure each wolf passed over before going herself, but fate had it that she was not able to continue on with the life she once knew. The river over flooded the log, and swept her far far away. Claudia washed ashore near a small river. Once she had recovered, she had found her way to a pond. With the help of a loner who had nearly ran her over, it was explained to her what packland she was in. She was among the land of Evalos, and she had washed ashore near Tuzan pond. Being in the territory, Claudia decided that it was best to move on from her past and begin her new journey in the new lands. Claudia is a beautiful mixture of soft silver tones and soft grey tones. While her fur shimmers silver in the light, it is a truly remarkable silver in the darkness. Claudia takes after her mother, with the same elegance and beauty as her. She was often called the light of the pack, for she was bright and cheery. Claudia is slender, slightly muscular which attributes to her thin form. Her thick fur keeps her warm in the winter, and often thins out during the summer time. While she feels beautiful on the outside, often on the inside she feels indifferent. She is strong willed, and has a hearty personality.

Warrior Zelda

A mostly dark pelt covered her muscular form. Her piercing blue eyes are as cold as ice, and as beautiful as a still lake. They are crystal clear in color making for a very seductive stare with just a simple look. Her coat is towards the thicker part for the majority of the year, and her tail is always full and fluffy. Her ears are just slightly rounded at the very tips, but that doesn't phase her. Her paws are of average size, not too large, but not too small either. She knows she is beautiful, and she uses it to her advantage. She is an average sized wolf, even with her family reaching higher heights than many she knows. Her legs are a decent length, but they do help her average for move between trees and bushes quickly. She is very athletic and appears to be so as well. In her shoulders, muscle and definition can be seen, even beneath her coat. Intelligent, beautiful, and hard working - she is the best wolf all around for any job which is required of her. She strives to better herself daily, learning from every mistake and accident that comes to her life. She uses her intelligence to help her hunt and fight. She is a fighter and after her little mishap, she has never allowed herself to give up gain. She will do anything for the wolves she loves, in hopes that she will be the reason they stay living in the future. She has an optimistic view on the world and trusts easier than others may. But once you break her trust, it will be very hard to gain it back. She fears nobody and nothing, but she is very respectful to the wolves that prove their worth to her. Immediately she would respect an Alpha or other high ranking members of the pack, but she will do even more for them once she realizes they deserve it.