Evalos Packs

semi-literate realistic wolf roleplay

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Nestled in the heart of the Gyldan Forest Territory is the pack's camp.
The camp is sacred grounds to the wolves and is considered their safe zone. Any wolf daring to enter without howling for permission may be attacked.

The General Territory of Gyldan Forest is a wide-ranged, hilly area made up of mostly deciduous trees perpetually stuck in autumn with thick, moist air and a rocky terrain. It's home to many strong and stealthy wolves whose bodies have adapted to scale large boulders and keep their paws silent on the  crunch of the fall leaves.

The Serene Stones are a group of boulders nestled in a clearing. Wolves enjoy leaping from rock to rock, and have become practiced at doing so. Pups should be cautious, though, as the rocks occasionally come loose and could crush them. Gyldan Pack often uses the space for meetings, and rabbits love to make their nests nearby. 

Boundless Meadow is a sunlit stretch of flowers and tall grass perfect for hunting. Deer enjoy grazing here, and beginning hunters can practice in peace without fear of being spotted or smelled, as the plethora of flowers covers up their scent. There are very few trees around, which also makes the meadow good for running. But be careful! Snakes lurk in the tall grasses.