Evalos Packs

semi-literate realistic wolf roleplay

Alpha Zeus

Zeus is a bold, prideful wolf with a gargantuan stature. His coat consists of various shades of red, brown, and black; giving him the illusion of being ‘rusted,’ save for his snowy chest and underbelly. His irises are a dark shade of stormy gray, laced with friendly, welcoming valor. In his actions he shows strong determination, ready to give his all for his packmates. Though serious when handling matters of the Alphas, he enjoys a good joke and never minds a bit of play in his spare time. He is known to accept challenges, for his pride prevents him from backing away. Even though Zeus is known to be vain at times, he knows that even the most arrogant Alphas must have their humility. With the recent arrival of his pups, he has quickly found ways to snub his careless competitiveness. He hopes to teach them morality, trustworthiness, and loyalty; not only to him and his beloved mate Haiku, but to the Gyldan pack in its entirety.

Alpha Haiku

Haiku is a bright and cheerful she-wolf with a long, fluffy white pelt and stunning amber eyes. She came from a dark place indeed, one full of bad memories that she prefers not to speak of. She also traveled on her own for a time, and she loves to tell exciting stories of her wandering. She's fiercely protective of her pack mates, loyal, and hardworking. A modest she-wolf, she tries her best at every task she is given. After the catastrophe that killed many of the Alphas, she and her recently named mate Zeus were proclaimed Alphas of Halcyon Cove. Now, as a true leader, Haiku hopes to strengthen the newly renamed Gyldan Forest as a pack.

Beta Shard

Shard is a tall well built brute. His fur texture is soft and appears as a bright snow white color. There are black lines running down his spine, his eyes a deep blue. He is powerful and intimidating, being taller than your average male and having powerful jaws. He has a stubborn personality and can get irritated if bothered. He doesn't usually 'play' around, but stays on task and focused on what is needed to be done. Though occasionally he lets his guard and duties down to have a little fun with pups or other adults. He has a sense of a leader but would never challenge for a higher rank that is taken by one he respects. He is protective, of those he knows and trusts. He came from a far off pack that was destroyed hoping now that hope is near. The memories of this destruction have made him stronger in a way. He sometimes looks to the sky and says quietly, "Where have you gone?", because of losing his closest companion during that time. Shard is friendly most of the time but unafraid to get blood on his muzzle if challenged.

Beta Female


Shaman Raissa

Raissa is a creamy buttery brown she-wolf with a white soft furred chest and white muzzle. She sticks out like a sore thumb to most wolves because of her eyes. Raissa's eyes are lighter than the very sky above the wolves, they are a beautiful blue with light blue rings on the iris. Her body is small because of malnourishment but that doesn't make Raissa weak. She is quite a happy wolf, although she is guarded. Being a shaman she tries to help as many wolves as she can, but most of the time she is just a silent wolf in the background. Raissa will try to cheer any wolf up when they are down, its just a second nature to her. She is playful and sweet, but cold and hardened. 

Guardian pirate

Pirate is a formidable mercenary and does indeed live up to his name. Although his instincts are to react rude or blunt towards a stranger, he is smart enough to know when to restrain himself if his superiors wish. Living alone for most of his life has made him jaded and cold in the vicinity of other wolves, and so he hasn't really taught himself how to communicate well. He simply observes more, rather than interact. However, now being in a pack, he will try his best to become more open and be on his best behaviour. He likes to take on new challenges, even if it means battling his demons to get there.

Elite Warrior Poseidon

Poseidon is extremely muscular and consists of a mere tall figure, his slender legs allow the adult to race against the field in incredible speed, although his wind is slightly below average. His ivory-pigmented hide allows him to stalk his enemies when mother nature gives him his present. Poseidon's azure optics take on a brilliant deep sea-blue feel to them. Although he may look like an easy opponent, Poseidon's muscular frame and tall figure allows him to have more of an advantage. Learning from his father, Poseidon has had this persona of arrogance, hatred for others such as him, and the search for blood. When his father died in the witness of the youth's optics, He took on to travel learning new things from fighting bigger opponents on the road, or just being taught by other loners thus self. Poseidon as risen up from just a normal warrior, but an elite as he uses many fight styles and tactics to bring the enemy down. Poseidon will leave no mercy for ANYONE. The thick density of Poseidon's ivory hide gives the titan a more, worse approach. If you get on the bad side of this lad, he will make sure it will be hell making you question even talking to this beast. Although he may seem as a no-good packmate, he will be loyal, hardworking, and caring. Being an elite warrior consists of toughness, pure hatred for others and the loving of the taste of crimson beating against your tongue. 

Warrior Spectrum

Spectrum's pelt, as his name suggests, is made up of a variety of colors, including white, grey, silver, black, dust, copper, and a shade of orange he calls "rust". His eye color on its own is very plain, a muddy brown, but the coloration around his eyes in sync with his face muscles gives him a very charismatic appearance. He is average size for a male, perhaps a little lighter in weight than he should be for his age, and not particularly strong. Don't underestimate yet, though. His defining physical trait is the intense speeds he can reach. He is also a quick thinker, planning ahead just enough in battle and hunting so he keeps himself out of trouble, but also making sure he's in the moment and not distracted by the future. He has the power to assess a situation, whether it's for himself or others, and make the best choice, regardless of past experiences or worries about the result. He handles problems as they come, and he handles then well. He prefers not to talk of his far past, as it is behind him, but recently he had been traveling with a rowdy pack of loners, until he happened across the peaceful forest of the Evalos Packs.

Warrior Shaman

Shaman is a black wolf with icy blue eyes, full of naïveté and wonder. He has a vague curiosity of the world, staring at creatures he’s never seen before to try and grasp their concept. He has a below-average build, very small compared to other male wolves. Though he is small, he is swift, quick on his paws and easy to fit into small crevasses. He prefers play to fighting, however, unlike his older sister Sin-River. He becomes easily flustered around she-wolves, due to the only one in his life being no more than a stone. He is fairly playful, always engaging in a game of tag or hide-and-seek.

Warrior Ice

No ones sure where she came from, but she seems broken. She walks with quiet steps, and speaks only when she finds it necessary. She looks defeated, unhappy, and like someone has drained the life from her. No one is quite sure how she even made it into the pack. Other than her speed and incredible hunting abilities, no one has seen her fight.  Much less talk, and it's hard to say if she'd ever settle down with a brute. She's stunning, it wouldn't be hard to grab ones attention if she wanted it, but she never tries to. Her fur is a silky white, with light brown tips along her back and forehead. She has a bit of brown under her eyes, which are a dull green/brown color. When she speaks, she speaks with great elegance and knowledge, and appears to understand a lot of the ranks and the workings of a pack. She spoke fine when speaking to the alpha of her new pack, but doesn't speak much otherwise. To the wolves she has actually spoken to, she's only revealed the lightest of information to of where she came from, and why she acts so distant... "Everything is gone."

Warrior Faolinitarna (Fay)

An intellectual female that keeps her poise at all times. She is very genteel when it comes to being around others, and would much rather talk out problems than jump in and start slashing teeth about. Do not underestimate her though, she will use her teeth is she must. A lively humor and bubbly attitude lies under all her seriousness. Fay would never pass up an opportunity to make someone laugh or to feel better about themselves. Despite her love to goof off and lighten the mood, she is very determined and focused during situations that call for it. Her sometimes snarky attitude is something to question, but her loyalty is not. Once she swears to do something, she means it. Nothing is more precious to her than keeping her word. But why listen to me? If you'd like to see if its true you'll just have to meet her. This female is a fluffy white with a slight silver and black saddle on her, and even more on top of her head coming down towards a slender muzzle. Long legs and a bushy black tipped tail, with a bit of a rustic red color hue to it as well. Her eyes a brown amber color that stands out against her pelt.

Warrior Gwyn

Gwyn is a 3 year old she-wolf. Through her thick dark-grey pelt shine various shades of brown which covers a well-fed body. Her left eye is a greyish-green and her right eye is dark brown. Only recently she managed to escape her human captors who kept her imprisoned for over a year. She is determined to hide this humiliating past to the best of her ability. She is a calm and calculating, but she can lose her wits when she catches smell of gunpowder or humans. Lack of training in hunting caused her to lose some valuable lessons she was taught in her former pack. Therefore, she can come across as an inexperienced hunter sometimes. Gwen is silent and private -due to her past-, but she loves to be around other wolves again. Despite her timid exterior she is independent and confident, and she will not let anyone walk all over her (and will warn anyone when they are crossing the line).