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Stay active! If you are totally inactive for two weeks you are subject to deletion from our members list. You will be readmitted upon your return, but if you wish to stay a member of the packs, post in the "Leave of Absence" forum or inform an Alpha/Admin before you go missing as we will assume you have left.


• We are all for realistic behavior! We cannot tolerate surrealistic behavior whatsoever. This site was created so that you can play the life as a wolf like a wolf would live. We are against magic and reappearing after you have already 'died'. It's not what this site was set up for. Please keep it as real as possible! This means no magical powers, no jewelery, no super speed, no super strength, no tree climbing, no abnormal eye colors, no climbing trees, no using claws in battle. These charcaters have been granted the power of speech simply for the purpose of a more dynamic roleplay. Wolves of Evalos may also cry. Yes, I know real wolves can't cry, but they have tear ducts so we'll just stretch that one a little. But other than that, your wolf is a wolf. A regular ol' wolf.


• Members may NOT join as blind wolves. Blind wolves could not survive in the wild, as they would starve or be killed by their packmates.


• Members may not join as pups. Plain and simple.


• Minor foul language is fine, but we do not stand for swearing every other word.


• Comments, whether in or out of character, regarding racism, seixsm, bullying or harassment of any kind, drugs and/or alcohol are strictly prohibited.


• A member may join only as one wolf. You may only roleplay wolves that branch from that one starting character, i.e. your starting character's children and grandchildren. If you are caught creating a second wolf without permission, all of your characters are subject to deletion at the admins' say-so. Members who display an ability to follow the rules and an elevated literacy skill may be allowed another character unrelated to their first.


• If you have read these rules, please post "hope is near." somewhere in your joining information.


NO POWERPLAYING. Wolves get hurt in a battle, and they cannot dodge every attack from a wolf of equal ability. If you are caught doing this, you'll receive a warning. Please don't make us tell you twice as further action will be taken.


NO GHOSTING. You may not play another member's character unless specifically told by that member that you are allowed to. Everyone has a roleplaying style and we do notice.


• While Evalos is a website open to all upper levels of literacy, we ask that you post a MINIMUM of four sentences. This ensures that every member is thinking and writing to the full extent of their ability. We hope that EP will be able to help many expand in their ability to write or read, and not allow folks to wallow in illiteracy. If you understand the four sentences minimum please also post "your journey ends here." with your info. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a warning from administration, and further disregard of the rule will result in more extreme measures.


• If you have any other questions regarding something you're unsure of, contact an admin and we'll be happy to help.


• Read through all the rules before you continue any further.

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Alpha Haiku
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Due to recent events, I have decided to update our site rules. Those above still apply, but I believe we are missing some key points, the most important of which being these:

• You may not begin posting until your profile has been completed, submitted, and accepted by me personally.

• I realize I've said this pretty much everywhere on the entire site, but you cannot join Evalos unless you read all these rules. Seriously. Go up and read them again. It's not that hard.

Those aside, I would also like to add some informal guidelines. These are not rules, but mere suggestions, in order to make everyone's experience on this site run smoothly.

• Generally, we roleplay in third person, past tense. (He glanced around the area in confusion.) This one is more me being nitpicky than anything, but if we all use the same tense, it tends to be much easier to keep a thread going. The first person is less of an issue, so if you really don't want to change your style, I understand.

• It is typical of wolves from the Evalos area to wait outside the pack borders and howl for permission to enter. An Alpha or Beta will come to address  your character, or you will be summoned inside, but please do not go charging into camp. You'll probably be attacked.


(Background image is not mine, but rhyme and character are)

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