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Warrior Zelda
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Hey guys, so this place has died down a lot... Much more than what it used to be and this is very sad...

If you are looking for a NEW rp to join with wolves and all kinds of crazy characters to meet, we've got the place for you!

Age Of The Wolves is a Semi-Realistic Literate Wolf RP. We have been around for 3 years thus far and we are nowhere near stopping just yet. We recently moved from Forumotion to ProBoards, seeking a higher member base and whole new features. Come see the wonder and the changes we have made! 


In our world, there are no humans and there never were any. These lands are completely owned by the wolves and the large predators they fight with. Come give us a chance and see what else we have to offer:


► A whole new look!

► High Ranks available!

► 3 Packs to choose from!

► 200 Bones just for joining!

► New Lands!

► 30+ Areas to rp in!


For more information, comments, or questions feel free to stop by and ask.


We hope to see you there! Just mention Desmond sent you, and you can earn extra Bones!

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