Evalos Packs

semi-literate realistic wolf roleplay

NEW ROLEPLAY INFO:  All locations are now part of a larger group heading. Create a new topic and name it. Timelines are still solid, meaning your character can only be in one place at one time, but multiple events and conversations can now happen simultaneously in one location.

When you make a topic, title it with the pack name and status in parentheses and the title of the plot in quotes (something creative and related to the story).

The pack names will be abbreviated - Gyldan Forest becomes GF, Luminix Mountain becomes LuM, Lethe Marsh becomes LeM, and the Neutral Territories become NT.

The status is determined by the number of people involved and the age of the story. 

Open - In progress and available to anybody in the aforementioned pack.

Private - Available only to those previously invited. Please specify which members are in the conversation or event.

Invite - Available upon request.

Site - Affects all members on-site. Any members are allowed to join, from any pack, within reasonable parameters.

Closed - Completed. Topic is locked and no further posts are allowed.

The title should be relevant and interesting, like the title of a book or song.  Alliteration is always amusing.


(LuM - open) "Seeking Solace"

(LeM - invite) "A Choice is Made"

(NT - site) "The Prophecy Revealed"

Any other questions, talk to Haiku.

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