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Accepting Members: Yes
Accepting Affiliates: Yes
Members: 70
Newest Member: LunarFangs

Mating: No! Mating season is now closed.


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Pack Statistics

Gyldan Forest

Population; 9

Six males; Closed

Five females; Open

Luminix Mountain

Population; 14

Six males; Closed

Eight females; Closed

Lethe Marsh

Population; 9

Three males; Open

Six females: Closed

Season: Fall

Glydan Forest's trees are in full autumn force. The entire forest is full of squirrels and rabbits scrambling to feed themselves, and the Forest wolves are finding it quite easy to snap them up.

Luminix Mountain has now left behind any semblance of warmth, but the wolves are loving it. The biting cold means that prey are more difficult to find, but the air is fresh and the pack is optimistic.

Lethe Marsh is frosting over in some areas, especially the lower bogs. Toads no longer croak at night, but with the drying of the marsh, more small mammals are coming out to forage.



Dragkari Wolves

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This site was established on August 12th, 2013.


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Site Updates


Whoo! Welcome to 2016 everyone! Just thought I would give a little update on everything! Pack census has been updated, as well as pack pages! If anyone is missing please contact an admin. Luminix Mountain has grown quite well with wolves, leaving Lethe Marsh and Glydan Forest in the dust! With that, closing down Luminix to joining is best until the other two packs catch up in the gender that is open. As far as that, I don't have much to say except for; Have Fun Roleplaying! Make sure to stay active, and enjoy your time in Evalos! 



Right so almost all inactive members have been deleted and pack pages are updated. Lethe Marsh and Luminix Mountain have basically no members. So Gyldan Forest is closed for the time being. Please continue to check the forums, I'll be posting lots of important stuff in the next few weeks.




The purge is happening. All members who fail to reply to the activity check by September 15th will be deleted. Site has undergone major construction in terms of layout as well. We're gonna get this shit up and moving guys -Haiku



There is a new rule. 

ANY wolves who have joined, and blatantly left the site will be deleted. This new rule consists of a ONE week warning. They will have ONE week to fill out the proper join forum and profile.

This rule will be effective to anybody beforehand also. Old profiles that are no longer active, or are not filled out will be deleted.